Part Time

by Odd Moniker

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    This album is comprised of what were originally two 6-track EPs, one of which was titled "I Pray That When This Day Is Through the Devil Don't Have His Hands On You". Seeing how it took nearly as long to say the title as it did to listen to the damned thing, it was shortened and the two became one..."Part Time" was born! Hooray! Trumpets and fanfare and so on. The music here is decidedly less "pop" than my previous Odd Moniker album, and perhaps a little more rough around the edges, but it is not without its charms. Give it a listen sometime before the world ends or whatever.





released June 20, 2008

M. Conklin - Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Keys and Vocals



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Odd Moniker Sacramento

I record music
and I release it online
this is fun to me

平和 愛 音楽

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Track Name: Triangles
I'd love to help you out
But I want nothing more to do with your triangles

The silhouette upon the wall
Is waiting for us all to call it quits
I hear the sound of something
Something sounds like it is making me feel sick

By your ankles you'll hang
Outside the building where you sang your lies
And the shoes you used to wear
Won't fit no matter how you try
Track Name: The Middle
In the middle of the night
I'm singing you a song

Take heed, it goes like this
Track Name: 15
15 fingers, five on each
Hands are open but they will not reach
15 fingers, spider-like
Whose are they, man? They aren't mine.

15 choices that you can make
15 candles upon a cake
15 words that I won't say
15 minutes til I'm gone away.
Track Name: Lady Luck
On a white horse I ride
Over yonder mountainside
I call upon a steed
Lady Luck, marry me
Track Name: Peace
Every time I'm in too deep
You come along and bring me peace of mind
I find I never made the time to thank you
So, thank you.
Track Name: Snakes&Ladders
Snakes and ladders, Kings and Adders
Venomous fangs that drag me under

I was taking my time
No need to hurry to try
Kept my eyes on the prize

Snakes and ladders, Kings and Adders
Venomous fangs that drag me under

I was still in the line
No need to worry or try
Kept my eyes on the prize
Track Name: Your Blue Heart
I noticed that your heart was blue
I did what any man would do
Except for that time, I must have been tired
You asked if I loved you, I didn't reply

I noticed that your heart was red
Was it because of what I said
I tried to be gentle, I tried to pretend
You didn't tear mine out, however it bled
Track Name: Flame
Sorry, I forgot your name
Did we meet last week?
Perhaps it was yesterday?
My memory is weak

Sorry if I seem upset
Somewhat in a rush
It's just that I have plans to keep
And you don't matter much

When you are engulfed in flame
You'll be better off, I think
When you are engulfed in flame...

You have got so much to say
Wise as it may be
I would love to talk all day
But I didn't get much sleep

While we're on the subject
I should ask you if you know...
I haven't slept in days and days
Can you give me a ride home?

When you are engulfed in flame
You'll be better off, I think
When you are engulfed in flame...
Track Name: (At Long Last) Taking Home the Package Deal
I wake up in the afternoon
Say aloud a word or two
I pray that when this day is through
The Devil don't have his hands on you

At long last, taking home the package deal
Track Name: Disappear
I hate that I won't see you smile
Before I go to sleep at night

I hope when tomorrow comes
You will still be here
I pray with the rising sun
You don't disappear
Track Name: Swimming Pool
I remember waiting for you after school
To join me out back in your swimming pool
It was always difficult
Coaxing you out of your room

And every summer you came back, I knew
It had to for more than that swimming pool
You played it off as nothing
But I think we both understood

Similar feelings left unspoke
So many smiles and inside jokes
Would you disbelieve me if I said I knew
I'd always be falling in love with you?