Be Longing

by Odd Moniker

  • "Be Longing" is the first release in a series of mini-albums by Odd Moniker. Running just over 20 minutes long, this diverse EP represents a deviation from my usual songwriting method...these 7 tracks were written/conceived during the recording process...I sort of set out to record one thing and ended up with this instead. If you've got 1/3rd of an hour to spare, give it a listen! Put it on your iPod and enjoy!




Written and recorded in my bedroom in one week in March 2011, procrastinated/mixed over several more.


released 30 March 2011

Matt Conklin plays everything you hear*, which includes a clock, a coat hanger and an iPhone.

*Drum samples on tracks 5 and 7 played/generously donated by Stephen Elliott



all rights reserved


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Odd Moniker Sacramento

Odd Moniker's recorded music and live performances are the work of one man from Sacramento, a small rural village full of old shanties and sand monsters in California. It is lovely here. He also creates electronic music as blackfractals.

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Track Name: Trust Issues
Someone's gone and left you feeling down
Who do you trust now??
When you know that no one is around
Do you always come unwound??
Who do you trust now??
People sharpen tongues to cut like knives
Who can say if they're right??
Until you know just who is on your side
Do not dare turn off the lights...
Cuz the darkness don't only come at night
Track Name: Loopholes
You are in the red
Listen to your heart
Open up your head
Knots are tied too tight
Shake your loopholes loose
There are other ways around
Don't let your defenses down
All my thoughts arranged
No one is to blame
Shake your carpets out
Everything has changed
Time is never on your side
Watch your troubles multiply
Track Name: Disassociate
Hold me to the flames and I don't burn
But when you say my name why does it hurt?
Puncturing our hearts so they won't burst
Then arguing about who did it first
Disassociate, don't agitate my misery
All I want is for these mangled hearts of ours to beat
Turn your back and I won't feel a thing
But when you say my name why does it sting?
Closing doors you used to leave open
Picturing the way it could have been
Disassociate, don't agitate my misery
All I want is for these mangled hearts of ours to beat
Track Name: A Song for Billy
Track Name: Earnestness of Being Important
You are something
You are different
Grow your hair out
That's the spirit!
Do your time and
Make some money
Drink until you're
Feeling funny
Why the long face?
It's just heartbreak
Tear down posters
Count your mistakes
Sell your old records
Don't know much better I'm afraid
Track Name: The Luddite
You know, you put me on the spot
I haven't really thought about it all that much
But you don't know how good you got
When a button press is all you need to heat things up
And now we've got remote controls
That make the wheels on our cars roll
Satellites and mobile phones
Laughing out loud, you say it's never good enough
But now the lights are always on
But everybody's's easy losing touch
And though I haven't given up
This luddite's only got the means to mess it up
Track Name: Resin Days
I've been wasting too much sweat
Trying to save what I got left
Racing thoughts around my head
Lying sleepless in my bed
I wanna know, where does it all go?
Blown into smoke...
(These are the resin days)
I've been laying wide awake
Haunted by this bellyache
Seeking solace once again
Running low on medicine
Divvy up, count it down
Taking stock, pass it round
Light it up, suck in down
Hold it in, blow it out
I wanna know, where does it all go?
Blown into smoke...
(These are the resin days)